Friday, June 02, 2006

Whoa, have you seen this? 

It's probably all over the lists, but just in case:
Women Steal a Shitload of Yarn.

Y'know, if you've been named "Michaeleen" I'm sure you've got some anger to work out at the world, but still... And I have some questions about some circumstances in the article--it's pretty obvious that all this yarn didn't just come from one store:
The trail led to thefts at other yarn stores in Dunwoody and Roswell, wherepolice arrested the 2 women. Woodstock Police haven’t added additional charges
because they’re waiting on Ms. Light.
“She hasn’t made a decision on whether she wants to press charges against these subjects or not,” says Lt. Will Merrill with the Woodstock Police.

Ms. Light is perhaps indecisive, because the husband of one of the accused thieves invited her to his home to recover her yarn.

“We came back with 12 great big, huge garbage bags full of yarn,” says Light.

“We thought, maybe, you know, a couple of thousand, but we totaled it up and Debi and I both just went white,” says shop manager Caryn Southwick.

Shocked because the total was almost $13,000!

So they pretty much know that there's yarn there that didn't come from their store (or the shop manager needs to slap herself around, because I know that even yarn stores have shrinkage, but I would think the neighborhood of $13,000 would make an impression)--I hope they track it down and get it back to the right shops, otherwise they're pretty much taking a bribe of ill-gotten goods.

And what's this about not pressing charges? There might be some sort of mental illness involved, but that's for the courts to work out. Did a crime occur? Do you want to give people the idea that it's okay to steal from your store (or any) store?


Edited to add: here's a thread on it on Knitter's Review, I guess it's kind of an old story and been hashed a bit. The information seems to be flexible.


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