Saturday, January 22, 2005

Happy Birthday to Denny & Doog! 

My mother hosted a very wonderful birthday celebration today for my brother Denny and his dog Sheila Doog.

Mi madre dió una fiesta de cumpleaños espectacular hoy para mi hermano y su perrita Sheila Doog.

We went to dog beach, we humans had a meal which celebrated her Australian Cattle Dog heritage--Australian wine and lamb--and Sheila got some new toys.

Visitamos la playa para perros, y nosotros humanos comamos una cena para celebrar la herencia australiana de Doog--con vino australiano y carne cordero--y Sheila recibió juguetes nuevos.

And all the dog guests had Frosty Paws for dessert and goodie bags to take home with rawhides and pigears and chicken jerky. We had a great time and Libélula is passed out after making sure that she'd eaten at least her half of the chicken jerky and Tahoe's pig ear.

Y todos los huespedes perros recibieron Frosty Paws para postre y bolsas de dulces para llevar con rawhides, orejas de colchones, y pollo secado. Teniámos un gran tiempo y Libélula está inconsciente después de le aseguró que comió su mitad de pollo secado por lo menos y comió la oreja de colchón de Tahoe.

Woohoo! Holy F------S---! A F------- S----!

After a fair amount of ripping and misplacing, I finished my Mom's scarf, here it is EZLN-style:

Despues de mucho de empezar y empezar de nuevo y perder del todo, terminé la bufanda para Mom y aqui está luce en el estilo zapatista.

A close-up of the stitch pattern, a feather and fan from the Big Book of Knitting.:

Una vista mas cerca del diseño de los puntos, un diseño de pluma y abanico del Big Book of Knitting.

It measures roughly 60"x9" and was made from about 200yards of South African Fine Wool from Louët spun thicknthin and knit on US 10.5s.

Las medidas son 150x23 centimetros (aproximadamente) y la hizo de 180 metros de Lana Fina de SudAfrica de Louët hila gruesa y delgada y tricote con US 10.5s.


Thursday, January 20, 2005

Inaugural balls 

Edited because even as part of a joke animated gif I find the image of Hitler nauseating, click it if you want to see it animated

In related news, my favourite search string to hit this site of late is:
how to make fecal matter glow


Thursday, January 13, 2005

This past week and a half in pictures, in no particular order
Esta semana y mitad pasada en fotos, sin organización

A big ol' Crivens' booty

Las pompis grandes de Crivens

A dyeing mistake with a thrift shop sweater. Don't add dye on top of an object if you want a uniform dye job.

Un error de tinte con un suéter de tienda de caridad. No añade tinte sobre un objeto si quiere un trabajo de tinte consistente por todo.

A foster dog for three days.

Un perro de acogido por tres días.

Libélula expressing her opinion regarding foster dogs.

Libélula da su opinión acerca de perros de acogidos.

A new foster dog, named Jasper.

Un perro de acogido nuevo, se llama Jasper.

Crivens and Jasper sharing a bowl. I love the lines of their faces.

Crivens y Jasper comparten un bol. Me gustan las lineas de las caras.

A goofy dog I wish I could foster, but she and I go to McDonald's for breakfast instead.

Una perra cómica que deseo puedo acoger, pero en cambio vamos a McDonald's para desayunarnos.

The scarf for Mom, modeled by a sleepy Libélula.

La bufanda para Mom, luce por Libélula soñolienta.

Jasper is still a bit of a puppy, with that long borrowed-looking frame that puppies have.

Jasper todavía es un poco de un perro joven, con el cuerpo que aparece larga y prestado que tienen los perritos.

I got a new haircut. By a professional this time.

Corté mi pelo. Por un profesional esta vez.

I am reading this for the K1RToo group and it is such a plausible construction it makes me want to drink.

Leo esto libro para la grupa de K1RToo y es un construcción tan plausible que me hace querer beber.



Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Woo-hoo! A finished sweater! 

...for a monkey.

She seemed to really like the sweater.

She didn't cry or scream like she was dying, paw at it like it was killing her, flop around on the carpet or run into any walls after I put it on her.

Which in the dog fashion world means two dewclaws up.

My camera's batteries were rapidly dying, so this is my crappy version of a close-up, and unfortunately, I cut off Sweatpea's head.

She's a teacup poodle weighing around six pounds, so it was a pretty quick knit.
Since I didn't do the measuring I did the sweater all in ribbing to be on the safe side, with a neck long enough to be rolled down and cuff long enough to cover her "elbow" joints or be rolled up.

Playing With Polls

A combination of the new year, a couple of gift cards scorching my wallet, and a post on San Diego Blog regarding the paucity of bilingual San Diego blogging have inspired me to register with pollhost and test the waters.

Please check out the polls in the sidebar and register an opinion if you have one, or alternate suggestions if you deem them appropriate. Especially since Waits has been so prolific it kind of randomly limited the poll options. And if you want to see what I mean about bilingual blogging, I mean something kind of like this. Only Spanish, not Finnish, and English as the first language, not second. Er, obviously.

New Year's Resolutions

I've really enjoyed reading my own archives.

I know that sounds egotistical, but I'm sure you know what I mean. I've never really been the journal keeping type but just in this past year I have enjoyed going back and seeing what moved me enough to post, and one thing I hope for is that I'll stop looking at the clock for posts.

As in: "Oh, it's been a week since I posted, I should maybe post something." or "It's only been a day since I posted, I shouldn't post because I'm not that kind of a blogger."

Whatever that meant, I'm just spilling my id here.

Okay, I know that's not possible given the inherent nature of the id, but again, you know what I mean.

More accurately deemed the unfiltered conscious? Except that thinking, then typing, then publishing a post are filters so...f*ck it.

Anyway, NYR#1: Actually spin and knit the Rogue like this whole thing started with for crap's sake.

NYR#2 Don't lose what language I have & learn more Spanish. See sidebar poll.

NYR#3 Write more letters and cards. Reduce the stationery stash.

There are general things like: knit, spin, read, run more, learn the basics of weaving, take some more science classes (and don't cut them) learn conversational French, clean more, and some things to do with Nick that if I listed and one was reading this at work and the corporate naughty filters were working you would be in trouble...

On the "read more" front, I signed up for
Knit One, Read Too a sort-of knitter's book club. I've never done a book club before, so my only experiential reference is Marge Simpson's--not a promising reference for a BOOK club, eh? I think Philip Roth as an author has something for everybody, and so far, I am enjoying the first book.

Spin more: Well, thanks to Jen of JenLa (BTW Jen, if you're reading this, it's a good thing you left Blogger. Nature apparently abhors a vacuum, even if the replacement substance is creepily obsessive. And fresh from rehab?) I am sure I will be spinning pounds and pounds of luscious vicuña, after I win the lottery, or suffer some blow to the head which reshuffles my priorities to a manic debtor level.

[BTW², I saw I made the JenLa list as a "Blog We Most Wish We Were Cool Enough to Understand" a distinction which I think I'm not cool enough to understand.

As Jimmy Carter said in one of his poems, "It troubles me/ It troubles me." Of course, he was talking about the hugeness of the cosmos, and here I go blabbering on about myself.

Is it just a nice blogger way of saying you think I'm weird?

Because I've heard that. I'm sure that whatever collection of symptoms I have will have a nice handy disorder designated in the DSM-IV soon enough, and I'll put it on my calling cards.]

Knit? Well, I have the revision of my Mom's scarf on my plate, and a sharing of Amy Boogie's resolution to only have one carry-along project and one phattie project to speed the finishing along. And perhaps an upcoming revived finishing (seaming, boring duplicate stitching) frenzy.

Run? Well, um, maybe tomorrow.

Basics of weaving? Someone I work with used to do it professionally, so there's a line into the world of learning.

French? "Peut-être après que j'aie rempli mon pantalon de poissons et de belettes" (Babelfish assures me that I have just written: "Perhaps after I have filled my pants with fish and weasels." Or sooner.

And Nick? Getting to that right now, thank you very much.

Oh wait. I forgot cleaning.
Fuck cleaning.
Who makes a New Year's Resolution about cleaning?
Dorks, that's who.

Dirty dorks, with microscopic flecks of poo on their walls.

NYR#4ish: Move on, already.


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